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Having a lovely place to call your home within a sprawling, cozy community is what many people are only dreaming for. Aside from this, functional and classy facilities and amenities also count to making homeowners’ lives better and more balanced. As you go through your usual daily grind while your love ones go about their routinary tasks and activities as well, it is just a good breather to enjoy all the amenities your community offers, too. 

This is what CAMELLA Lessandra Palo provides everyone in the community. For a start, you and your love ones can converge and just lounge around the Clubhouse. Share a meal, talk things over, update with what you’re doing or most passionate with and just enjoy the time of your lives. Do it during a Saturday night or early Sunday morning and believe me, it will be a fun and heartwarming moment that you will cherish for a long time. For any of your life’s milestones and those of your family members – celebrate them here at the Clubhouse. It could be your or your love ones’ birthday, wedding anniversary, baby shower, baptismal party, graduation, promotion, despedida, bridal shower, Christmas and New Year-ender parties or any special occasion just worth sharing with dear ones. 

Or if you want to have nightly get-togethers, be it monthly, quarterly or yearly - you can do so in the Clubhouse’s multi-function hall. You can plan your own program; add some games or videoke sessions just to keep the night alive and exciting. Your reunions will never be the same again. 

More bonding moments can be done on a per day basis. No one is too busy to share their own time with love ones, right?  Go on morning walks or play with your kids at the children’s parks and playground. Let your kids play to their hearts’ delight. You need not worry or be concerned with your children’s safety as you can easily and comfortably watch over them as they play. You can even play with your kids as young and old alike will love the parks and playground. 

Why not do early morning or late afternoon walks along the property’s well-lighted streets with shady trees along the way. Definitely, a healthy start and end to your days! Make these days count – bond with love ones’ and do your walking, running or jogging sessions.  There are landscaped gardens and lounges where you can rest and relax or just chill around.  Isn’t that wonderful? 

Basketball is clearly the most favorite sport in the Philippines at all-time. Take heart, sports buffs, as you will find a basketball court in the heart of this neighborhood. Form your teams with neighbors, friends and even family members and schedule fun games.  Practice everyday and bond with your teammates. At the end of it all – you practice teamwork and good sportsmanship as well as promote active lifestyles. What better way to spend your lazy weekends than just play and practice and show your skills in the games?  Ask your dear ones to cheer you on as you do your own games. It will be fun for sure! 

A dip in the swimming pool is what you will need during those hot days. There is a swimming pool to use in this community. You can have swimming parties with love ones and enjoy bonding time. Kids will surely love basking in the sun and playing with the water on the pool. Family time is at its best when spent with your children. Create new memories with love ones and cherish your precious times with them. It will all be worth it in the end.

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